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Which therapy seat should I get for my Jacuzzi Spa?

Utilizing Jacuzzi Aqualibrium (the perfect mix of air and water), the combination of versatile PowerPro Jets, and our ergonomically designed seats, our products deliver an adjustable high-flow, low-pressure hydro-massage that feels like no other hot tub on the market. 

The RX Jet Therapy Seat The RX Jet Therapy Seat

The spinning RX Jet delivers comforting relief to the back and shoulders utilizing the highest performance hydro-massage the Jacuzzi Brand offers. This customer favourite seat is available in our J-500, J-400 and J-LX Collections. 

The MX2 Jet Therapy SeatThe MX2 Jet Therapy Seat

The deeply contoured bold lower back seat supports your body in the ideal position for a powerful maximum volume and low-pressure deep tissue massage. Recognized as our original Jacuzzi Jet, the MC2 Jet seat delivers a concentrated massage especially effective for larger muscles in the lower back. 

The FX 12 Therapy SeatThe FX-12 Therapy Seat

The full coverage neck and back seat not only delivers deep, adjustable pressure to relieve chronic aches and pains. The FX-12 seat also targets muscle tension in your calves and feet for a full-body experience. 

The ProAir LoungeThe ProAir Lounge

The perfect combination of two types of PowerPro Jets, this muscle knot release lounge seat stimulates surrounding tissue. The upper back rotating massage of the FX Rotational Jets eases the tension of the muscles along your neck and shoulders while the rifling action targets the smaller muscle groups of your legs and lower back. 


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