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What is the ClearRay water management system?

Convenience sophisticated yet simple, our water management system is truly designed for ease for use and exceptional performance, providing you with the best hot tub experience. Utilizing ClearRay technology and up to five stage of water management, simply, jacuzzi brand technology makes it easy to maintain clean and clear water. 


Water Chemicals

A complete line of water care products that support the proper foundation for balanced water. 

ProClear Plus

Boosts performance and provides a full-systems clean.

ProClear Minerals

Conditions water with trace elements of silver to keep your hot tub water fresh when used alongside chlorine or bromine; fits into convenient twist-off cap of filter designed to fit mineral cartridge seamlessly. 

Multi-stage Filtration

Up to five stages of filtration to ensure clear water to the finest particle for clean water quickly. 

ClearRay UV-C Technology

Sanitizes water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C without damaging hot tub shell or equipment.

ClearRay Pro Tect Automatic Oxidizer

Designed to work with ClearRay UV-C technology, automatically oxidizing impurities in the water with low-output ozone. 

While all models in every collection utilize ClearRay technology, the five-stage water management process starts with the ProClarity filtration system. This step helps to ensure clean, sparkling water quickly by catching tiny debris and particles that other filters miss. Next, the ProClear filter works to clarify water even when the jets are not running. Then, the surface skimming weir and ProCatch bag work together to clean the surface while trapping large debris for easy removal. Finally, a pleated cartridge filter operates with your hot tub’s hydro-massage pump to remove large and small particles providing the cleanest water. 

ClearRay UV-C technology offers clean and clear water. Using UV-C light to neutralize waterborne pathogens, maintaining clean, fresh, clear water has never been easier. ClearRay UV-C technology comes standard on all models and requires a simple annual bulb change. 


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