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Elite Performance for the Best Hot Tubs in Brisbane

At Jacuzzi Brisbane, we know our jets! In this way, you can be sure that you will have the best spa experience the industry has to offer. For example, more jets do not equal a better hydro-massage, but the right jets do. From the perfect mix of air and water to the careful placement of each exclusive Powerpro jet, we deliver the optimal massage. And that is why the jacuzzi brand is recognized by consumers and world-class athletes as the industry leader. 

Jacuzzi Exclusive Powerpro Jet Technology

PowerPro FX Small Jet 63b3286d19e830341be87298a54de2ab 

Powerpro FX Small – Based on FX technology, the FX Small Jets are perfect for a focused massage on key pressure points such as your feet.




PX c3fe9d47374229adbb6a955ac5ca4347 

Powerpro PX – Perfect for small muscle groups in the wrists, hands and legs, the gentle pulsating massage can be adjusted for different rates of flow. 




 BX cfbc81ecfda2d0f75a37bf6c41e2ff02

Powerpro BX – Exclusive to the J-300 Collection, the comforting yet rejuvenating bubbling effect massages the calves. 




 FXS 538198d2a31ff49ce1b570b7f0be4af5

Powerpro FX Rotational – Focusing on smaller muscle groups with a kneading effect, the FX Rotational Jet stimulates surrounding tissue. 




 PowerPro NX2 Jet 60206cb790133636e42e5e6e3942dcc8

Powerpro NX2 – This directional jet effectively relieves tension and strain in the sensitive and hard-to-reach neck area through a highly focused stream of water. 



RX 17b2cd9300ebcf2447c2d98f7b9657db


Powerpro RX – The spinning RX Jet delivers comforting relief to the back and shoulders utilizing the highest performance hydro-massage the Jacuzzi Brand offers.



FX Directional edfe39c1668f07959e120e6cd749e32e 

Powerpro FX Directional – Designed to relieve tension and improve circulation, this spiral action directional jet delivers a bold, targeted massage to the hips.



FX2 72c909d63e86c3cdaec1a4e363af914e 

Powerpro FX Large Rotational– With a wide swath that provides an exceptional massage for large muscles, the rotational action can help overworked, overstressed muscles and joints.



PowerPro FX Large Jet e36cbb8b69ff10a8f5a1fbde684fa24a


Powerpro FX Large – Focusing on the middle of the back to relieve tension and muscle strain, the spiral action massage promotes better circulation.




PowerPro MX2 Jet 49bf873135dd77188cebbe5f25878a74


Powerpro MX2 – Based on the form and function of the original Jacuzzi Jet, the new-generation jets deliver maximum volume at a higher air-to-water ratio to deliver a bold massage to the muscles in the lower back. 



PowerPro IX Jet 682d5c8f5cd2e203fa133f7396bcfa15


Powerpro IX– Creating a stream of effervescent light, the combination of LED lighting and maximum airflow creates dramatic champagne-like bubbles. 




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